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Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair San Diego

MD Appliance specializes in Sub-Zero refrigerator repair San Diego, California. We Service Subzero refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, and wine coolers. Along with delivering an exceptional Sub-Zero service, we assure you that we'll take care of your refrigerator quickly and successfully.

MD Appliance LLC is a Sub-Zero repair specialist in San Diego. We service and repair all Sub-Zero models. All Sub-Zero full-size refrigerators, freezers, wine coolers, and all under-counter refrigerators, wine coolers, ice makers, and beverage centers. We also repair all full-size classic series, designer series, pro series refrigerators, freezers, and wine coolers. No matter how old your Sub-Zero is and what the issue is, we will fix it effectively and to your complete satisfaction. We use Sub-Zero genuine replacement parts only. We cover our quality work (parts and labor) with our limited warranty.

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  • Call before we arrive
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Sub-Zero Repair San Diego

MD Appliance LLC is one of the most trusted and best rated Sub-Zero appliance repair company in San Diego with many years of experience. We specialize in repairing Sub-Zero home appliances such as Sub-Zero refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, and wine coolers. We offer excellent service at a reasonable cost. Our work and parts are all covered with our limited warranty.

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  • Sub-Zero Repair San Diego

Sub-Zero Repair Services

MD Appliance LLC is the premier Sub-Zero refrigerator repair San Diego, CA. We service and repair all Sub-Zero major home appliances. Since you've invested a lot in your premium Sub-Zero home appliances, you probably have high expectations of using them for a long time. We also know your time is precious, and we understand the significance of having your premium Sub-Zero appliance repaired as quickly as possible. Our team stays versatile and works around your schedule. Our technician will arrive within a two-hour window, early in the morning or later in the afternoon. You may trust our Sub-Zero repairman to provide efficient and professional service and keep your appliance running for a long time.

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Sub-Zero Repair San Diego

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sub-Zero refrigerators are well known for their quality and longevity. But even Sub-Zero might eventually develop a problem that will cause the malfunction of the unit. These are some of the most common issues Sub-Zero owners experience with their appliances.

What to do when temperatures rise in your Sub-Zero Refrigerator?. Before calling for service, you can check some relatively simple things on your Sub-Zero.

  • You should check the temperature settings for the compartment. On a display panel, 38°F is the proper setting for the fresh food compartment. For the freezer, the standard-setting is 0°F. Older Sub-Zero models such as 200, 300, and 500 have dial controls. Set the dial between 4 and 6. One is warmest, and ten is coldest.
  • Confirm the door closes and was not left ajar for a very long time. Turn the door alarm on to ensure the door is closing all the way.
  • Remove anything from inside that is blocking the door from closing.
  • Examine the door gasket or rubber for damages.
  • Clear the condenser if you did not clean it within the last six months.
  • Note: If the temperature is above 48°F (set-point at 38°F), it's unlikely to recuperate from a condenser cleansing. Contact MD Appliance LLC to schedule service appointment.

  • If the control panel is not on, confirm the unit is not in Sabbath Mode.
  • Check if the lights are off and there's no cooling inside the fridge. However, if the freezer is working, as usual, be sure that you did not turn the refrigerator off.

If the fridge remains warm after these steps, it will need service. Contact MD Appliance LLC to schedule an appointment for repair.

There might be several reasons why your Sub-Zero ice maker is not making ice. The most common reasons are frozen ice maker tube, faulty ice maker, or faulty water inlet valve. Low water pressure or warm freezer temperature could be the reasons for low or no ice production. Water pressure should be either 20-100 psi or 35 - 120 psi, depending on the model. The recommended freezer temperature setting is 0°F. If the freezer temperature is higher than 15°F, the Sub-Zero ice maker will not produce ice. 

If your Sub-Zero refrigerator is continuously running or not cooling, it might be time to clean condenser coils. Suppose you want your Sub-Zero refrigerator to work efficiently and correctly for a long time. In that case, you should clean the condenser coils every 6-12 months or even more often if pets are present.

Please follow the condenser cleaning instructions:

  • Before start cleaning, power down the unit via the control panel.
  • Take the top or the bottom grille off to access the condenser.
  • Use the soft brush vacuum cleaner attachment. Vacuum vertically to avoid bending condenser fins.
  • After you've done, reinstall the grille back and power up the unit.

These are a few steps to troubleshoot the problem:

  • Confirm the condenser is clean and free of dust.
  • If possible, check the temperature inside both compartments. Suppose the temperature is higher than the normal set-pointed temperature for the compartment for a few days. Therefore that is the reason for excessive unit run.
  • An overfilled compartment can reduce airflow circulation and cause the refrigerator to run excessively. Fridges and freezers work finest when they're 25-75% full.

Here's a brief listing of signs to look for on your Sub-Zero that might indicate a functional problem.

  • Higher than the normal temperature inside any compartment is the right indicator that an issue exists.
  • Any unusual noise, behavior, or temperature fluctuations.
  • Constant extreme sweating or moisture on the inside of the fresh food compartment.
  • Unusual quick food spoilage or freezer compartment not capable of freezing food.
  • Ice or frost built-up inside the freezer compartment.

If you have seen any of these signs, particularly if they persist, contact MD Appliance LLC. We'll help determine the cause of the issues and correct them.

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If you need a spare part for your Sub-Zero appliance, we can help you order it. You can also order with us all Sub-Zero accessories and care products. We do carry some Sub-Zero parts in stock. Visit our online parts shop.

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Disclaimer: MD Appliance LLC is independent from, and not affiliated, authorized or related with or to Sub-Zero. MD Appliance LLC is not an authorized Sub-Zero service provider. MD Appliance LLC technicians are not Sub-Zero authorized technicians.

MD Appliance LLC policy requires an adult person at home upon our technician's arrival and during the service appointment. The technician must receive authorization before he starts any work on your appliance.