Dryer Not Drying Clothes

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If your electric dryer not drying clothes, most likely there is a problem with vent. Vent might be clogged or vent hose might be kinked. Gas dryer might have a faulty gas coils as well.

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Electric Dryers

Usually, if your electric dryer is taking an extra cycle to dry one load, that means that the dryer inner or outer vent is clogged. To clean the inner vent, you need to disassemble the dryer front to gain access to the blower housing and clean it. We do not recommend that as DIY job. For any inner or outer dryer vent (duct) cleaning you'll need to call professional service person.

Gas Dryers

Clogged vent could cause drying problems in gas dryers as well. In addition to that, gas dryer will not dry clothes due to faulty gas valve coils. Your dryer might start drying in the beginning of the cycle. If later into the cycle dryer fails to produce heat, and does not dry your clothes, most certainly there is the problem with gas valve coils.

If you haven’t had success using the steps above, it may be time to schedule your dryer service.

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