Dryer Is Making Noise

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If your dryer is making noise, there's a good chance that something is wrong. If your dryer is making squeaking noise it might be a defective idler pulley. Noise might be caused by defective drum rollers or blower wheel as well. There are a few options for dealing with a dryer that's making a loud noise. You can try to troubleshoot and repair the machine yourself, or you can call in a professional service.

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Dryer is Making Squeaking Noise

If your dryer is making squeaking noise, most likely will need a new idler pulley. Friction build-up can cause the pulley to wear out and is often responsible for a squeaking noise.

Dryer Making a Grinding Noise

Common cause is worn out drum bearing. If the bearing is worn out, you'll notice that the drum is hard to turn and will make a grinding sound. It's time to replace the bearing.

Dryer Making a Thump Noise

Worn drum rollers can cause this kind of problem. When roller stops spinning, the drum will make a flat spot on the roller that will cause drum to make thump when spinning.

If you haven’t had success using the steps above, it may be time to schedule your dryer service.

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