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LG Appliance Repair San Diego

MD Appliance LLC offers professional LG Appliance Repair and Service in San Diego CA. Our LG appliance services and repairs include washers, dryers, ovens, ranges, stoves, cooktops, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers,ice makers, microwaves and vent hoods. Our technicians are true professionals, rigorously screened, and trained. Their performance standards cover product maintenance, diagnostics, repair, and customer relations. Our goal is to repair your appliance the first visit. We only use genuine LG parts for your appliances and have many of them on hand for a faster resolution of your appliance need.

MD Appliance offers high quality LG appliance repair service. All of our technicians are state licensed appliance repair experts with many years of work experience in this field. We specialize in repairing and servicing all the appliance brands including LG. Our technicians are repair specialists of the newest and most advanced products from LG. We train regularly to ensure that you and your luxury LG appliances receive the professional service that you deserve! Our technicians carry only factory parts in their trucks. We carry the most common appliance parts.

We know that you have many options, and we thank you for considering our company. You’ve probably spent a considerable amount of money on your LG refrigerator, LG dishwasher or LG washer/dryer and we want to make sure that it works as it should for a very long time. Also, we require our service people to receive training from the manufacturer so that they are up to speed on the newest models and procedures.

MD appliance technicians will arrive at your home fully prepared to perform the job professionally. We are certain you will find that MD Appliance LLC is committed to deliver excellent appliance service experience to all of our existing and new customers.If you honor us by allowing us into your home to service your appliances, we will honor you by treating your home and your kitchen as if it were our own. We stands behind our work. If you are at all unsatisfied with the service that you have received, we urge you to contact us so that we can discuss and resolve the situation.

As a specialists for LG laundry and LG kitchen appliances, our LG servicer will make sure to thoroughly explain the problem before servicing your appliance. For every service call, it is our goal to provide results that ensure your satisfaction. We appreciate your business and we are looking forward to work on your LG Appliance

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LG Appliance Tips

Temperature Settings: LG refrigerators have recommended default temperature settings (Refrigerator: 37°F, Freezer: 0°F). The more food that is in the unit, the hotter the ambient temperature of the room or the more the unit is opened and closed, the cooler that the unit should be set. This is because it will take more for the unit to keep cool. It is also important to know that the inside temperature and the external settings display may vary +/- 5 degrees. If you made changes to your current settings, allow the refrigerator approximately 24 hours to stabilize.

Blocked Vents: Check all the vents in both the freezer and refrigerator compartment. If there is anything blocking the vents, the air will not be able to properly circulate through the compartment. Move any food that is blocking the vents to another location and allow 24 hours for the temperature to stabilize

Food Items: If a lot of food or hot food items have been added to the refrigerator recently, the refrigerator compartment will temporarily warm, requiring the unit to run longer to bring it back down to the set temperature. Please allow enough time for the unit to cool back down. How long will vary depending on the amount of food added and the settings of the unit.

Checking Detergent & Additives: If too much detergent is being used, or non-HE detergent is used, the machine will not wash properly. This is because over-sudsing decreases tumbling action and does not rinse well. Furthermore, residue can build up in your washer which will deposit extra detergent on clothes and deposit soil back onto the clothing. Be sure you are using a HE detergent. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended amount for detergent usage.

Load Size: If your washer has been overloaded, the machine will not wash and rinse properly because the clothing will not tumble properly. Also, there will not be enough detergent to clean the clothing effectively. If your machine has been overloaded, remove a couple of items from the load and perform a ‘Rinse and Spin’ cycle. Do not fill the drum more than ¾ of the way full, or no more than 22 lbs of dry linen.

Tub Cleaners: Occasionally, it may be necessary to use a tub cleaner product on your washer. 3rd party manufacturers have developed products specifically to help deodorize and sanitize the drum of a front load washer. These products can be used to give your washer a thorough deep cleaning.

LG Refrigerator Repair Service

"I was very Happy with the service. Repairman fixed my LG refrigerator same day, had a part with him and the cost of the whole service was very reasonable. Repairman left everything clean. Thanks MD Appliance, I will call again!" Diane S., Del Mar, CA

MD Appliance LLC policy requires that there be someone present at the home during the service appointment. It is necessary for the technician to receive authorization before getting to work on your appliance. Unfortunately we cannot allow our technicians to let themselves into your home.

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MD Appliance LLC offers professional LG appliance repair in San Diego, CA.
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